Palomar Electronics

Palomar Electronics USA - So die ganz alten "Exportfunkhasen" dürften sich noch an die teilweise legendären 23 Kanal AM/SSB CB-Funkgeräte erinnern. Damals in den 1970zigern... Jetzt wiederbelebt..

Hier die Info von Palomar Electronics ...

In the 1970's when my grandfather, Sam I. Lewis, Sr., closed Palomar Electronics Corporation the name was unfortunately lost. Over the next 40+ years my father, Sam I. Lewis, Jr, carried on in the spirit of Palomar under the company name RF Limited. In 2000, I started EKL Components, a sister-company to RF Limited, dedicated to the component side of our industry. 

From the beginning, it has been my goal to regain the name that my grandfather and father made famous - and that day is here. Palomar Electronics is now the new, original, name of RF Limited and EKL Components. Palomar will continue to use the brand names, that everyone has come to know over the past 50 years...


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